July 2009


disabilityToday I was able to have dinner with 2 men that the world would classify as “physically disabled” Jesse and Jame’s.

15 years ago Jesse was addicted to drugs and one day he barricaded himself in a room, long story short- Los Angeles S.W.A.T was called in to take him out. Jesse was shot at 9 times, hit 5. Instantly he was paralyzed from the waist down along with loosing half a lung and kidney. He died that day, not just once but 3 times.  

James’s was the all America. He was a 17 year old cyclist that had qualified for the Jr. Olympics’ and was training with the best riders in the world. His world changed 20 years ago when he was cut off by a car and crashed into a parked school bus. That was his last day on a bike. James said “the ironic thing is…it was a short bus…a disabled person’s bus”

Both men have been in wheelchairs ever since and have had their worlds dramatically change!

As I was sitting there hearing them talk about “Disability’s” I couldn’t help but 1st. Thank God for blessing me with legs, arms, feet fingers ect…! 2nd I started to feel bad, not because of their situation but because I let the world distort my view of people who are disabled. See Jesse and James do MORE than me! (I don’t know about you but when I see someone with a disability I feel bad, I wonder what they CANT do and how much they are missing out on life.) They have wife’s, kids, and grand kids! They drive, swim work and live every day life’s like you and me not only that but they live fulfilled lives. They work with many organizations going in and out of hospital counseling people who have just become paralyzed. They said there is such a lack of preparedness when you come home from a hospital that most people have no idea what to do and most go into a deep depression mode…some for years!

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PS: They also said…every one is disabled in one way or another…you can just see theirs more. The difference from them and us is how they handle it….

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As most of you know we have been fighting a claim with unemplyment office for 2 months and over the weekend we got a letter from EDD saying that our claim was approved! We also got our first check! Now we are waiting for 2 more…God is so good! Some times I really don’t understand Him….but I like it that way.

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EDD%20logo%20copyOn June 4th, 2009 I was laid off from my Job with National Warranty Services. On June 14th, 2009 I filed a claim with the unemployment development office. After waiting a week to hear from them I finally get a letter stating that my claim was accepted…all I had to do was fill out a paper showing where I have applied so far and send it back, then just wait for my first check…it never came…finally I got a letter saying that I have an interview with the EDD on the 22nd of JULY from 1-3 PM. The letter said to be ready to answer some of the following questions…”why did you file a false claim”. “where you warned that you were going to be terminated” ect…It also said that all my benefits are on hold until after this interview…so I called and FINALLY got someone on the phone and it turns out that National Warranty Services is saying I was “terminated”…so not true…well…we have had some crazy trust in God over the last 2 or 3 months…and now we have $0.00 income and it has been this way for almost 2 months…Here is the problem…we have bills… allot! And if you didn’t know this about me…now you do. I HATE paying bills late…never have and hoped I never had to, until now…Here’s the thing though….it’s cool because he has provided for us one way or another…some way’s where harder…but he did it! Needless to say God is breaking me in more than one way right now…its hard but I know something great is around the corner….so I have lined up a whiteness and have been preparing for my interview today…if you read this please pray for me….I need it!


oh one more thing…i dont understand how EDD can sit there and let some people have ZERO income?? even though my meeting with them is today…i still have to wait till they go and look into it and then wait for a letter then wait for checks…this system is plain stupid…


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I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time but I finally pulled myself away from my email, face book, my space, twitter ect to blog.

So much to say…here’s the big news.

My family and I are going to be moving in September to Houston TX.


Yep no joke…it’s a very long story but we feel that God is telling us to go so we are going…now making that decision wasn’t that easy…it took weeks of battling God and our flesh. The day that we said “okay” to God things have been lining up left and right…
1. We move out of our house into Tonya’s aunts 5 bedrooms home…rent free.
2. Tonya’s cousin offered to let us live with them in Houston until we get on our feet.
3. Our families are actually supporting us and not trying to get us to stay…almost all of our moving expenses are being covered…plane tickets and all
4. I can keep going but I think you get the point.
At this point I don’t have work lined up or anything ells besides where we are going to sleep but we know God will open a door. My Hope is that god is calling us to TX to be in ministry full time but who knows…if it is then great! If not great!