April 2009

I love finding things like this…especially when the kid is in our Children’s Ministry!

” Makenna asked many questions last night. She asked where God came from?, What happened to Adam and Eve if Jesus came after them?, Why does God punish us with sickness and stuff?, If faith is believing in things we can’t see and understand until we get to heaven what if Satan tells us everything (since he was in heaven) then we won’t be able to have faith?, Just a few question I tried hard to answer at her age. I admitted I don’t know all and suggested asking Abel, or Alece and she said how about Pastor Billy. She told me I did a pretty good job answering them. Can I just say I am thrilled to see how God is working in her life. Oh another question was how do we know when God is talking to us. She wants to hear from God. So excited to see her faith growing. Thanks Southhills-South CM.”

The mind of a child ALWAYS amazes me…The way the grasp Truth and the faith they have in God is remarkable…I am so Honored that god has placed me in a position to lead children closer to him! Sometimes the world (my life) could feel like its falling apart and then i get a little note from some one who says “abhuel! yous ares shou choole!” (abel you are so cool…) or i find letters like the one above and it reminds me WHY i do what i do…Its moments like this that finding the blance between God, My Family, Childrens Ministry and Work is all worth it!


Have you ever wondered why God created the idea of traffic? Most of us that sit in traffic cursing every living this that comes on our way…Notice I said us. I believe there are 3 different types of drivers.

 Driver one- Fast, Aggressive, angry, bitter and in a rush. (obviously)

Driver two- Bothered, bored, tired, sluggish and annoyed

Driver three- Care free, Happy, Not stressed and just chilling in 1 lane.

Every driver has a different life; I don’t think a driver’s personal life plays into what kind of driver they become behind the wheel.  There are things that God wants us to learn daily. Some days we learn it right away, the other days we have a “bad day” and push God and the world away. With my life I have an average of a 2 hour commute to and from work.  Once I’m in the car I have the choice to become Driver 1, 2 or 3…my natural reaction is to become number one…

I’m not sure where I’m running with this analogy but my point is this…How many times in this life are we forced to sit and do nothing, pray, think, grow….Don’t take traffic as a burden…take it as a blessing! Take those moments to grow yourself as a leader, pray, think…Don’t let that moment that you could have with God be taken away by the devil…let God teach you in the moment that you least want to be grown….

It was the summer of 2006. I had the Honor of going on a mission’s trip with Global Expeditions. I joined the leadership team of the Costa Rica Junior trip. This was a unique trip, unlike any other. We took 60 lives from the ages 11-13.  On this 14 day trip I seen the life’s of every kid change, they when from a ME centered life to a CHRIST centered life.costaricajrs1021









They didn’t care about their Video game, toys or them self’s…all they cared about was bringing the word of God to Cost Rica. I was able to see each and every child get closer to God as they spent 1 hour of each day in a Quiet time.


We brought the word of God to Costa Rica with a mix of Drama, testimonies and dances…One day our teams where in a small village performing dramas and giving testimonies. After one of our dramas our team leader told us to break into our MAGS (ministry groups) and go into the crowd and start praying with people. My MAG came across a grandmother and a young boy named Rigoberto. She said that he had an illness that was going to claim his life in a matter of months, just like the one his parents had. She asked us to pray. Our prayer soon became a cry out to God, not just by me and my MAG but by our whole team. I sat back and listened to the prayers. Kids at the age of 11, 12 and 13 where crying out to God in a way that I hadn’t even heard adults! The passion, love and desire to see this family go home with the peace of God was evident…after 30 minutes of praying the face of rigoberto was transformed from a sad depressed look to a look of child filled with the loved and Joy of God….