I need to vent a little.
Today has been hard. I haven’t got a response from my unemployment, waiting to hear if I will get any more benefits from them. The problem with EDD is the fact that I can’t get them on the phone, I have called 30 times this morning. The last check I got from them was for half the amount it was suppose to be and it was 10days late. Looking at my bills I need $agoodamount.00 by the end of the month and that’s not counting extras…I have about 10% of what we need. I don’t know why I get my self so worked up? I KNOW God will provide and I KNOW he has never ever left my family hanging. I know he has provided more if the past. I know that he called us out to Texas for a reason and I can not let something so stupid [money] blind me from what God has in store for us! I will not be blinded.

I called the company I interviewed with on Tuesday and He said that they where thinking about setting up seconding interviews and would call every one today. If they do second interviews they would be the Tuesday and thanksgiving [December 1st] At this point the only thing I can pray/say is for God’s will to be done, not mine. If this Job is NOT what God wants [no matter how bad I want it] then I do not want it. Its in Gods hands. Thank for all for your prayers.

I know this. God will not put my family and I through something we can not handle. Period [end of story]

_Abel D